Meet the Maker

Nice to meet you!

Hello! my name is Ali and I am the creator of Ali Bull earrings!

My earrings are handcrafted from my home in the foothills of Adelaide which I am blessed to share with my vibrant young daughters, my handsome firefighter husband, and our cherished Cavoodle Chico. Our outlook of native trees and its daily soundtrack of the local bird-life is something I will never take for granted!

My brand is a culmination of my love of design and colour, and my pursuit to create subtle, lightweight and comfortable statement earrings.

Also working as a Music Teacher, I have always indulged in exploring new creative pursuits and developing new artistic skills. Upon discovering alcohol inks in 2019, they immediately became my preferred painting medium. The vibrance of inks with the addition of bio resin creates an aesthetic that cannot be surpassed. Due to the exclusive use of my original artwork, no two set of earrings will be exactly the same.

Therefore, each set of Ali Bull earrings is a truly unique, handmade accessory.

I am mindful of the waste created by cheaply manufactured statement jewellery. With this in mind, I make each piece with great care and attention to quality, so that they may be treasured for many years. When you purchase a pair of Ali Bull earrings, know that you are helping support my beautiful little family and keeping my creative dreams alive!